Our inspirations


Treat yourself to privileged access to industry trends and most importantly, discover how our team of designers inspires you to use them. By offering their suggestions, whether it is for new construction, expansion, renovation or a simple desire for renewal , our artists will reveal their secrets to obtaining a breathtaking final product.

Our designers


Known for its personalized service, Decor NW offers a team of five designers with affirmed talents to assist you. Through a wide range of services from design to installation our team will meet the functional and aesthetic needs of any residential or commercial project.

Our boutique


As a pioneer of the furniture industry in the region, Decor NW has become destiguished through its position at the forefront of trends and customer service. Proud of the reputation for excellence that in-store visits have generated, the Decor NW experience is prolonged  online through our virtual boutique. Access exclusive products and continue your discovering under the sign of elegance and refinement.


Utilize the passion and expertise of our artists

as your ally for style, image and environment.

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